Trademark & Economic Highlights for Brazil

Insights: Trademark applications published in Brazil on 3rd of June

The total number of applications in Brazil this week is 8,909. Quite a lot higher than than last week and trend is a rising number of applications for this year compared to last year. From application to granting of a trademark is typically over 70 weeks.

The commercial rate of the dollar is 5.36 and the Euro is 5.75. Despite the weakening of the Brazilian Real, there are mostly good signs in the economy. Investment is increasing and the government is spending in areas that will help grow the economy in the future. New funding for federal universities, R$5.5 billion, should go some way towards undoing the cuts in funding in previous years.

Application Dynamics:

As always, the bulk of new applications originate in Brazil, 8646 applications this weeks and includes foreign companies based in Brazil. In contrast, international applications are relatively fewer, amounting to 263, distributed among the United States (99), China (58), Switzerland (15), and Argentina (11). This brings the overall total applications to 8909.

Examining the Nice Classification distribution for Brazilian company applicants, the most prevalent classes are:

For international applicants, the distribution across Nice Classifications is as follows:

This distribution highlights the varied focus areas of Brazilian and international applicants, reflecting their strategic priorities and market interests. Brazilian companies have shown a predominant interest in Class 35, which relates to business management and consultancy services. On the other hand, international applicants have a notable number of applications in Class 09, covering scientific and electronic devices.

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Trademark Search

Our initial search process involves a thorough review within the Brazilian Trademark Office database. Clients are informed of any potential obstacles that could impact the success of their trademark application.

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Trademark Application

Trademark applications in Brazil are filed electronically with the Brazilian Trademark Office (BTO). The current processing time for confirmation of acceptance is approximately seven weeks. Clients are immediately informed by email upon confirmation.

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Publications and Oppositions

Following the publication of the application, there is a 60-day period for oppositions to be filed by third parties. Clients are promptly informed about any oppositions and provided with comprehensive details.

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Registration Process

Once the acceptance of the trademark has been published, Final Fees become due. Once paid and confirmed, the trademark is valid for a period of ten years.

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Trademark Certificate

The trademark certificate is issued electronically and immediately forward to our clients via e-mail.

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Trademark Renewal

We provide timely reminders and assistance with the renewal process, ensuring your trademark protection remains uninterrupted.

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Trademark Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of new trademark applications is essential to alert clients of potential infringements or conflicts.

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Trademark Management

We ensure you are always ahead of critical deadlines, including renewals and oppositions, with our comprehensive trademark management services.

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Trademark Valuation

In collaboration with a specialized accounting firm, we offer a trademark valuation services, essential for strategic financial planning and IP asset management.

Registering trademarks in Brazil for over twenty years.

We began our company in 2001, concentrating on Intellectual Property and supporting new businesses and entrepreneurs. Our main goal has always been to offer practical services to our clients around the world. This focus became even more relevant as Brazil's role in international trade grew, especially with the rise of BRICS. BRICS is composed of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. There are plans to expand with new members during the coming years.

Brazil is an appealing market due to its large consumer base and openness to new technologies, creating unique opportunities for smaller companies. The country is increasingly interested in both imported goods and new manufacturing technologies.

Our role is to provide efficient, no-nonsense help to businesses aiming to enter the Brazilian market. With over 20 years of experience, particularly in trademark registration and the administration of our clients' IP portfolios in Brazil, we are known for our careful and efficient approach. We ensure our clients are kept well-informed about their applications and strive to make their entry into the Brazilian market as smooth as possible.

We believe in the importance of understanding Brazil's language, regulations, and cultural specifics, which are key to succeeding in this market. Our team is familiar with the business landscapes both globally and in Brazil, helping our clients bridge any gaps. We're not about grand claims; we're about getting the job done right and with care.

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