Trademark Trends in Brazil - 2024

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Week 8 - Published on 28th of February

Trademark Applications Surge in Brazil: A Sign of Robust Market Health

This week, there was a total of over 10,000 trademark applications, with 450 international applications filed directly in Brazil and 320 via the Madrid System.

An interesting note from this week´s stats, 2,240 trademarks were granted. The time taken from application to being granted is typically over 70 weeks.

The most popular classes for Brazilian trademark registrations were:

The most popular classes for International trademark registrations were:

These figures not only showcase the vitality of Brazil's trademark market but also highlight sectors of significant economic activity and interest. We are committed to supporting our clients in navigating this promising landscape and ensuring their trademarks are protected and acknowledged.

Week 7 - Published on 21st of February

Carnaval is over and Brazil is back to school, with 855 applications in class 41.

This week, there was a total of 6,038 trademark applications, underscoring the vibrant market dynamics and the ongoing interest in intellectual property protection.

Week 6 - Published on 15th of February

Carnival's Economic Impact and Trademark Applications

In the aftermath of the spectacular Carnival festivities in Rio and São Paulo, which contribute billions to the Brazilian economy, the total trademark applications stood at 5,921. Retailers and service sectors report substantial growth, reflecting the event's broad economic benefits. ... more about carnaval

Week 5 - Published on 6th of February

Trademark Applications Peak as Economy Gets Carnival Boost

With a total of 8,950 trademark applications, Brazil's economic indicators show promising signs. Despite a modest inflation rate of 4.51%, the Carnival season is expected to significantly boost domestic sales of food and alcohol as tourists enjoy Carnaval. The U.S. leads in international applications, followed closely by China, showcasing Brazil's global appeal for trademark protection.

Week 4 - Published on 30th of January

Trademark Applications and Economic Optimism in Brazil

This week saw a total of 5,367 trademark applications, reflecting continued confidence in Brazil's business environment. Interest rates have been reduced to 11.25% from 13.25% a year ago, and unemployment is at its lowest in over a decade at 7.8%, presenting Brazil as an attractive landscape for business expansion. Consequently, there's been an uptick in enquiries for trademark registrations and company formations.

The United States continues to lead with the highest number of applications, totaling 67 this month. China follows with 52 applications. The EU and Britain also show strong representation, with Britain submitting 15 applications and Germany 5.

While most oppositions tend to target domestic trademarks, of the 1,788 oppositions filed, only 48 were against international applications, highlighting the competitive yet open nature of Brazil's market for foreign businesses.

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