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Celebrating twenty years of protecting the Intellectual Property rights of International clients in Brazil.

Trademarks and Patents

We provide general client counselling regarding the protection of trademarks in Brazil. We have on-line access to the Database of the Brazilian Trademark Office which enables us to conduct and immediately report on trademark searches, duly accompanied by our comments and all relevant information regarding any similar or identical previously filed trademarks which may bar the registration of a trademark in Brazil.


  • General client counseling regarding the protection of trademarks in Brazil.
  • Conducting searches.
  • Preparing, filing and prosecuting trademarks applications.
  • Process of application.
  • Monitoring service of trademarks filed by third parties by adding your list of trade marks to our database, the trademarks will be checked weekly against all new trademarks applications and changes of status of existing trademarks.
  • Complying with or replying to official actions and interviewing with the Examiners of the Brazil Trademark Office, when necessary.
  • Preparing, or replying, to oppositions, appeals and requests of administrative annulment.
  • General client counseling regarding agreements involving forfeiture, licensing and/or acquiring trademarks, advertising slogans and publicity signs, including preparing the required assignment documents.

Legal, technical and business professionals backed by a rigorous and constantly updated administration system. You can count on our team to expertly prepare patent applications and administrative support to enter the Brazil National Phase of PCT international patent applications.


  • Expert searches:Novelty or Patentability Search, Freedom to Operate Search, Non-infringement Opinion and Validity Search
  • Expert opinion on claims to anticipate problems in the Brazil National Phase
  • Preparing, or replying, to oppositions, appeals and requests for administrative cancellation. Legal opinions regarding patentability, validity and infringement of patents.
  • General client counseling regarding agreements involving licensing and/or acquiring patent rights and the assignment, transfer and licensing of patents rights.
  • Requesting compulsory licenses for exploiting patents.
The lawyer that will take care of your patent applications will be Sandra Lynch - Education: Law School of Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas FMU; Member: International Bar Association, Bar Association of the State of Sao Paulo; the Association of Intellectual Property Agents of Sao Paulo ABAPI - Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.